Trike Hood (or Canopies)

Ed Miller ridin'

Note: I have a more recent article on canopies which  offers more information, pictures, videos, and resources. HERE is a link to it.

My very first article I wrote and is posted on Steve Greene’s Trike Asylum blog was about trike canopies. Steve Greene was kind and gracious to me in giving his permission to post my articles I wrote on his blog on my own blog and so here is the first of 4 I am posting.

Ed Miller, an avid trike pilot from Tennessee has many fine YouTube videos available of his numerous trike adventures as he rides with his various friends.  He rides an ActionBent tadpole trike.  I love watching his videos and highly recommend them to you.  I personally think they are among the very best I have viewed to date.  There is lots of beautiful countryside and wildlife in most of his videos, especially deer.  His YouTube username is LogNotching.  HERE is a link to all of his videos.

He also has come up with some ‘innovations’ including what he refers to as a Trike Hood.  It is all about providing shade from the sun and offering a little bit of protection from rain as well.  I say little because he would be the first to admit that it offers “little” protection.  His design is pretty ingenious in that it is simple, basic yet relatively inexpensive and effective.  And it is lightweight which is a concern to most of us.  He can readily release the front hook which holds it down horizontally over him so that it stands upright out of the way allowing him to mount and dismount normally.  He says it doesn’t effect handling or speed noticably as he has it tweaked in which he explains in one of his videos.

trike hood

trike hood released

If you are interested in ordering one of Ed’s canopies or just want more information you can contact him via email at …

logbuilder  at       Just mention ‘canopy info’.

Ed has a few videos among his 142 (and counting) YouTube postings which show and explain various aspects of the construction which should prove quite helpful for anyone considering attempting something like this.  Here are a couple of links to these videos:

Another item he has made which might be of interest to some readers is a flat platform which serves as a rack for hauling his trike behind his motor vehicle as well as a work stand to perform maintenance, cleaning, etc. and a vertical stand for storing his trike so it takes up less room.  And it is made out of plywood so it is fairly simple to make and relatively cheap in cost.  Again, he has a video showing and explaining the construction of it.

If you get a chance, perhaps on a rainy day when you can’t be out there riding (without a canopy :<), check out Ed’s videos.  I think you’ll like them.
Check out my more recent article about canopies HERE. It has more information, pictures videos and resources than this older article.

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  1. I have been looking for a sun hood or canopy for my ride for almost 3 days now and wherever I look there is no canopies to be had, or bought..! Does anyone know where I can buy one of these elusive shades….? Please if any one knows any where I could buy one please let me know … I live in Florida and you can imagine how hot it gets here and that’s almost year round… So any help would be greatly appreciated… Thanks …Armadillozack

  2. I would like to buy a trike canopy tha Ed Miller makes but can’t find where to order please help thanks. Sid

  3. I have to say this as I believe that the Vardzik canopy top to be far better than the other canopy makers canopies, No offence to the competitors , I just feel that Andy Vardzik’s canopies are far better, as the other canopy makers utilize larger cumbersome bars, and attachments than those that Andy uses…! I have gone through all the canopy makers, and I have to say Andy’s canopies are made with little hardware in which are simple to assemble, and not only that, Andy is willing to work with you, and find the right canopy for your liking.. The canopy I bought for my Catrike Custom Fat Cat Quad 4 has this tropical pattern of Hibiscus in which every one wants to know if that was an option from Catrike, or the good folks of Utah Trikes who built my ride, and I have to say happily, That no it was a gentleman I found through Tadpole rider by the name of Andy Vardzik, and when they look at the behind the seat clamps with his special canopy attachments, made specifically for a catrike, people are amazed, and ask if it were expensive, I have to tell them that Andy’s canopies are cheaper in cost, and as they can see not in quality either, and easier to use… Now there are 2 commercial varieties of trike canopies, and another gentleman by whose name you will find here on Tadpole Rider that makes canopies as well, but I have to say they are far more costly, and are far more complicated to put together as they are to order, if the price of the one that they offer does not offend you first..! But I will say this as to all the canopy makers, They all perform their job, and keep you from getting baked by the sun’s heat, or soaked from cloudy rain days.. All canopy makers stand behind their work, and are willing to assist you with any technical questions you may have putting your preferred canopy together, as well as stand behind the workmanship invested in putting your canopy kit together.. Whatever your decision to whom you are buying your canopy from, be sure that you are happy with it’s design as well as all attachments, and of their ease of use when getting on, and off your trike…. I am glad to see this posting has come around again, and thank Steve again for posting it, as spring is just around the corner, and I know there are a lot of new recumbent riders this year, and all wanting to know how to get a canopy for their ride of choice…! Thanks for taking the time to read this post comment, and Lots of miles all filled with smiles to you..! Happy recumbent trekking….. Armadillozack

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