Bent Rider On Line is a popular website and rightfully so. The “Bent” is of course short for recumBent. They cover all sorts of recumbent bikes and trikes. They also have both bike and trike of the year … annual selections in different categories.  One of those is the Peoples Choice awards. And one of those is the “Trike of the Year Award”. The peoples choice is exactly what it sounds like … the people … you and I can vote and the votes are tallied to determine which trike wins the award each year. I have attempted to discover which trike won the award since they started this. I found some of them but not all of them even though I looked long and hard searching online for this information. Some manufacturers have won this award only once while others have won it more than once.  Catrike holds the honor of winning this award more than any other manufacturer. I have the following list to offer as a result of my research into this. If you know what trike won this prestigious award for the years I don’t have listed please comment on this blog or email me with the information and I will update the list accordingly. Also I found it rather difficult and confusing to gather this information and I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the results. If you think something is amiss here please let me know. One would think that such a list would be readily available but I could not find one. That is one reason I wanted to create one so that others who are looking for this list could find it here.  Anyway here is what I found:

 2003 Catrike Speed

2004 Catrike Road

2005 Catrike Pocket

2006 TerraTrike Cruiser

2007 Catrike ?

2008 Catrike Villager

2009 ?

2010 TerraTrike Rover

2011 Catrike Villager

2012 ICE Adventure HD

2013 HP Velotecknik fs 26 Scorpion (Catrike 700 honorable mention)


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