Many of us remember the cereal commercials … Trix are for kids … silly rabbit! Well some say that trikes are for kids, but I beg to differ. There are a whole lot more adults riding recumbent trikes than there are kids. Most certainly there are trikes which are obviously made for kids …

kid on trike adult on kid's trike

And there are trikes which are obviously made for adults …

adullt trike kid on adult tadpole trike

Ya’ gotta’ admit … some look a bit silly. Fortunately there are tadpole trikes made for kids and adults …

kid's trike and adult trike

kids on KMX tadpole trikes

And one thing about it … whether a kid is riding or an adult is riding … tadpole trikes are a blast to ride! Yes, trikes are for both kids and adults … but not for any silly rabbits. And I think most adults would admit that they help bring out the kid in us and keep us feeling younger than we are. May we all …



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