did the best I could. I checked the weather radar … no rain showing. I checked the current weather conditions … 0 % chance of rain was the report. I got my self ready to go out for a ride. I opened the garage door and walked outside. Guess what … it’s raining! I just find it amazing that with all the modern day technology and equipment available and all the expertise acquired over the years they can’t report the weather accurately. I mean, come on … all it takes is for someone to do what I just did. It makes no sense to report current conditions as 0 % chance of rain when it is obviously raining. DUH !!! I see this happening quite frequently. So I guess the bottom line is we are on our own at least to some degree. I will continue to use the modern day technical weather forecasting, but I decided I am going to make up my own weather station so now just on the outside of my garage I have made an addition …

weather forecasting stone 2

Somehow I just feel more confident trusting in this. 🙂

BTW … I am only kidding here. I don’t really have this on my garage.

Keeping up with an accurate weather forecast helps us to be able to …


(Good luck in getting an accurate forecast)


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