An Award winning film from Griffon Media about Paul Pritchard’s recumbent trike ‘pilgrimage’ to Mount Everest. Accompanied by Carol Hurst the ride took them on 1150km (714.5 miles) across the Himalaya from Lhasa to Kathmandu via Everest Base Camp.

Paul Prichard 2

Paul was a well known and respected mountain climber with lots of accomplishment to his name. You can read more about him here …

Paul Prichard on Wikipedia

An excerpt from Wikipedia … “On Friday 13 February 1998, Pritchard’s life changed drastically when he was hit by a large boulder as he was climbing the Totem Pole, a slender sea stack off the coast of Tasmania. He was left suffering from hemiplegia, a condition that robbed him of feeling and movement in his right side and which caused his speech and memory to suffer.”

Considerably paralyzed on his right side he uses mostly his left side to function in life. That, of course, includes his tadpole trike riding. His is an interesting story and one which should both encourage and challenge the rest of us whether we do or don’t have physical problems to deal with.


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