wrote about trike canopies once before quite some time ago, but think it is time to do so again as they are becoming more popular and there are two people who have both become well known for their canopies. Those two people are Ed Miller and Andy Vardzik. (Note- Andy is no longer making canopies.)

This is Andy’s personal trike.

Andy's new canopy

And here is another one of Andy’s canopies.

white canopy

Andy has several pictures posted of his canopies on Pinterest.

Here is one of Ed’s canopies.

Ed's canopy cropped

And here is one of his recent projects … tinted visors.

Ed's canopy with tinted visors

Ed has several videos about his canopies. Several changes have evolved since he started making canopies. The same is true of Andy’s canopies.

Making these canopies out of a high visibility color contributes greatly to the safety of the trike rider as the canopy really stands out and gets attention.

I personally find the idea of carrying your own shade around with you quite appealing. Mind you these mainly provide shade for your upper most body (your head). As far as rain protection they offer limited protection. As to the matter of how they do in wind or at high speed Ed says his do quite well up to normal speeds most riders would obtain. I can’t address how Andy’s canopies do, but I assume they do fairly well.

Both Ed and Andy do high quality work and I don’t think you could go wrong regardless of which one you went with.

Ed’s Email: logbuilder  at       Just mention ‘canopy info’.

Andy’s Email:  NOTE- Andy is no longer making canopies so I am not sharing his email address anymore.

I have no further information about prices or offerings so please contact them rather than me. A canopy will not only add a unique look to your trike, but additional comfort from the shade they provide would be wonderful in my opinion. Even what rain protection they offer would be most welcome. It all helps us to …


P.S. – There is also VelTop which offers canopies for recumbent bikes and trikes. Here are a some videos showing their offerings:


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  1. John Somerville

    Where can I buy one?? Fantastic product.

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