If you have a hankerin’ for a FAT TRIKE and don’t have (or want) to spend $8000 for one there is good news. Trident is now offering their 20 inch TERRAIN model for an amazingly low price of $1399 (plus $125 shipping). The Terrain is available as either a 3 x 20″ or a 3 x 26″. The 26 inch model sells for $100 more. And the Terrain model even folds so that is a plus for those who have space issues for hauling or storing. It makes perfect sense not to invest a small fortune into a trike that one intends to use in a way that will likely be hard on the trike … namely off road use.

Trident Terrain 1

Trident Terrain 2

Visit the Trident website for more information and details.


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