recumbent trike vinyl window sticker

am sure many of you have been seeing these window decals. I am sure many are interested in getting one or more. So I thought I would make things easier by providing some information about these and how to obtain them.

Fellow tadpole rider Sam Burton makes these. They currently are available on Ebay and cost varies according to the size ordered. They are available in small 4″x6″($7), medium 5″x8″($9), large 6.5″x10″($13) and extra extra large 8″x13″($20). There is a $2.75 shipping charge. The selections available are: white, black, yellow, green, red, grey and matte white. To try to eliminate confusion here Sam told me that he no longer offers the small size (3 x 4.5) shown on Ebay and so the medium has become the small and right on up the line which is what I have shown here in this article. I don’t know if this listing shown on Ebay will be changed to reflect that or not. Just understand that the original small size no longer exists.

recumbent trike vinyl window sticker 2

recumbent trike vinyl window sticker 3

recumbent trike vinyl window sticker 4

recumbent trike vinyl window sticker 6

recumbent trike vinyl window sticker 5

Sam also offers this Trike On decal for $6 plus $2.75 shipping. It only comes in one size, but 4 different colors (white, grey, red & black).

Trike On window decal

And this Lay Down and Ride decal is available at $6 plus $2.75 shipping in one size and 4 colors (white, grey, red & black).

lay down and ride decal


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  1. Steve: styles, designs, colors, and prices are updated. Thank you for helping promote this idea!