used tadpole trikes for sale – Google Search

I just discovered a feature available to me among the settings options for my WordPress blog. It is a bookmark shortcut I can place on my browser which allows me to quickly and easily post any website/webpage I have open. To illustrate this I chose a Google search for “used tadpole trikes for sale”. Just click on those words below (where it has Source:used tadpole trikes for sale – Google Search) to see the Google search results for this. Once there please notice that the very first url listed is my blog. I am somewhat baffled as to why those who have tadpole trikes they want to sell don’t take advantage of the free listing I offer to help sell your trike. I know there are other websites people use to do this and I am fine with this. It just seems like it makes sense to use my blog to advertise your trike for sale since it is the number one site people are directed to. So if you are trying to sell your tadpole trike please send me all the information and images so I can list it for you. All I ask is that you inform me when you sell it so I can remove the listing. There is nothing in this for me except taking my time and labor to do it. I am just simply offering it as a service … as a blessing … to others. Just email me: tadpolerider at outlook dot com   with all the pertinent information:

*year of manufacture
*condition of trike
*added accessories which come with it
*location of trike and whether or not you are willing to ship it or local pickup only
*price (and perhaps whether or not it is firm or negotiable)
*any images you might want to include (preferably in .jpg format) or a website url where you have images posted
*your contact information (telephone and/or email)
(if you want your email address posted do you want it as an active working link or as I show mine: ____ at ____ dot com ?

Source: used tadpole trikes for sale – Google Search


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I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, and truthtoponder) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at stevenewbauer at

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