Now here is something I can identify with as I have spent a lot of hours thru the winter doing this very thing.


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  1. Sorry Steve..! Not only because I live in Florida can I not identify with you at the moment.. But during this time of year the weather becomes even better for riding and I get to enjoy the winter months as well….! More riding time cool morning air and then I have to get off the road for the snow birds to take over and run down everyone they can find on the streets….! You see we have the opposite problem here or what I call the negative factor..! Every time the weather gets cooler here and the summer becomes a fleeting memory for all you northerners, we here in Florida get everyone who can not hack the cold winters in the north and they migrate here to Florida to take advantage of our milder weather and open beaches now that school is back in session and the kids don’t have the time to hit the beaches… So if I can dodge a few crazy northern drivers, you can dodge a few rain drops, and put on appropriate clothes for this time of year in the north….!

  2. You can have Florida and all that goes with it … heat, humidity, lots of rain, flying and crawling insects everywhere, nothing but sand you can easily sink into and get stuck in if you leave the pavement, etc. There is nothing about Florida that appeals to me. I would much rather ride in 40 degree temperatures than Florida’s 70s and 80s you think is comfortable. I don’t ride in the rain and a standard tadpole trike won’t roll thru much snow so using an indoor trainer is quite practical in my opinion.

  3. Great video Steve! Think I’ll post it on TA too. I’ve posted that guy before, but this video of his is a step up in professional looking production. Regarding a trike not rolling through snow very well, there is an easy solution: ditch the skinny tire trike, and get a fatrike! Yee haa … once on a fat, there is no going back! Fat tires take triking comfort to a whole new level, with which I am very pleased. Okay, enough from me … see ya’ …

  4. Hi Steve,

    I plan on cycling indoors once the snow flies here near Madison, WI. I will most likely hook my Cycleops up to my Catrike 559. I’d be interested in purchasing the video that the beloved rider in the video was watching. Any idea the name of the video and where one could purchase said video? Thx for your help and Blessings on healing for both knees so you’re ready to “keep on trikin “.

  5. No, I have no idea concerning the video he watched as he pedaled. However, there are many many similar videos available for free to watch online on sources such as YouTube. I have watched several of them in the past. Just do a search for “bike trainer videos”, “virtual bicycle rides” or “indoor cycling videos”.. You can add words in your search such as “paved trails” if you are like me and enjoy trail riding vs. street/road riding. ( You can search for “paved bicycle trails videos” as well. You can also go right to a video source like YouTube and search there. ( As to the search results you will find short, medium, long and extra long length videos. Of course, some are much better than others. And most of the videos were filmed from a bicycle and not a tadpole trike. Another option is to film your own rides. I have videos of me riding on all our local trails. I have to admit though, I much prefer “virtual riding on a new trail I am not familiar with. You can even ride in other parts of the world … something I have really enjoyed. Lastly if you need to actually have a video on disc to use they are easy enough to capture and burn on a computer using free software for that purpose.
    Here are some samples of videos available:

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