Here are some fun and thrilling rides, but certainly foolish and dangerous … not to mention harmful and damaging to the trikes. There is a lot I could say about all of this … tempting fate, endangering life and limb and treating brand new expensive trikes like this … but I will refrain and let you think whatever you want about the matter.


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  1. armadillozack

    I agree, way to foolish, and way to dangerous, and I am shocked to see a ski resort allowing cyclist on their slopes… They have a lot of small young children skiing along side with
    cyclist and as the videos shows unpredictable when tumbling down a hill….

  2. Ah youth! A bit of stupidity (disregard for body and equipment) and a lot of bravado. I would give the scenery an A+; the heroics a D! The videos seem typical of today’s youth – ‘look at me, me, me.’ But, I did watch all of them. Money would also seem to be no object. Sad to see equipment abused. Thanks for sharing Steve.

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