Utah Trikes is known for their customization services. Here is one of their projects. With 1600 watts there is plenty of power. Along with all that power is plenty of noise … something I find quite objectionable. I guess it doesn’t bother some people.

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  1. I’m sorry this system was not available when I had ordered my quad, but still I’m not unhappy with my decision on ordering my Custom Catrike Quad from Utah Trikes… There are other options though in which I may use to power my quad, it is only a matter of payment in which prevents me from doing so.. These systems are not cheap by any means, and is a contributing factor to those who would like to add a motor to their trikes but just cannot afford to do so because the cost of the trikes, or quads to start with are not easy to pay for… But there are many avenues to take when looking for an aftermarket motor for your trikes & quads just ask your local bike shop in which maybe will suggest an options for you to add a aftermarket motor for you..

  2. 3000 watts would be illegal for unlicensed road use & that constant whine of the motor would not be very pleasant after a couple of hours riding but it would be fun for climbing up the worst of any hill you might encounter.

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