I need to spend far less time at the computer so I  have made the decision to stop contributing to this blog. This will be my final posting … at least for now. I am not saying I will never add anything further, but for now this is it.

I will leave the blog online so it will remain available. I truly appreciate the many loyal readers of this blog. I am sorry to have to be sharing this with you.

BTW, for those who are wondering I also closed down my tadpole rider group on Facebook. I apologize for the abruptness of this, but I knew better than to announce it as it would only lead to some nasty ugly confrontations from some folks. I wanted to avoid that.


About Steve Newbauer

I have a few current blogs (tadpolerider1, navysight, truthtoponder and stevesmixedbag) so I am keeping busy. I hope you the reader will find these blogs interesting and enjoy your time here. Feel free to email me at stevenewbauer at outlook.com

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  1. As much as I’ll miss your blog, taking care of one’s eyes is way more important. God’s Blessings my Tadpole friend.

  2. Take care Steve. Eye sight is precious. Take all precautions. I’ve enjoyed your blog and will pray that your eyes have many more miles on them. Don M

  3. Brian Templeton

    Steve, as much as I have enjoyed reading your many blogs, your eyes come first. I also have been having a little trouble with my eyes due to spending too much time on the computer practicing my profession during retirement as a Property Tax Financier for U.S. property owners. My pensions being totally insufficient to live on, I am 76, and I now have a homemade delta trike, which I bought as a used item in this summer’s garage sales up here in Calgary, Canada.

  4. Sorry to hear this , but I to agree your vision must come first rather than the blog..! I wish you well, and you know what maybe i need to cut back on my computer time as well… I never thought about it much seeing how I am retired and nothing better to do but hang around the house focused or should say mis focused to this dam computer all day and night sometimes.. So I think I may cut back my hours as well… My best to you,,and hope to read something you have written again some day…
    Armadillo Zack

  5. François Lambert

    Good luck, I understand since I’m slowly lousing my eyesight. It’s a bummer.

  6. Timothy E. Gillane

    Take care of yourself; sorry to hear of your eye trouble. I’ll miss your blog; thanks. Best wishes.

  7. Steven Wayne Jackson

    So sorry to hear! I too have suffered eye challenges lately and I totally understand how frustrating it can be. The hope is that they will be able to make improvements to your issue soon! They have been doing some amazing things with vision problems.

  8. Hi Ya, Steve, I’ve looked around and have found most of the fellows I trike with are gray beards like myself. All of ‘um have something wrong or going wrong, including me. Eyes are, indeed, a big issue with a lot of guys. I’ve already lost one to age and now wear a pair of glasses that are shatter proof. Gotta do something to hang on to the one remaining. Low back and the other peripheral joints seem to be a problem too. Our bodies are made for motion, so keep active. Bike and trike riding seems to help out over the years.

  9. So long and thanks for a the fis…. Tadpoles!

    Its been so helpful learning from your site. Thank you for the commitment of time you’ve made to the rest of us.

  10. I hope occasionally you get the urge to share your insights. But most of all go outside and enjoy life. Best wishes

  11. Thanks for your hard work Steve, it was my favorite blog. Enjoy retirement and see ya on the trails

  12. I’m done writing books for the same reason Steve – too much time on the computer, with no life outdoors having fun pedaling! At least I can still see enough to cycle the countryside 😉
    Okay, get lost my friend (but I do eagerly await your next posting, as I know you are just as addicted to sharing with others as I am, and you can’t help yourself)! See ya’ … (for now anyway)

  13. You are probably right Steve. I have already been quite tempted to write another article, but I am holding off for now.

  14. My theory nowadays is not to predict the future, just experiencing each moment and day as it comes, and doing what feels good at the time. If you want to write an article, then do so. If you want to let it slide for a week or two, then do so. Letting go of expectations and self-imposed demands is a serene path to follow. Your followers will respect your decisions, and will be happy with you regardless of how frequently you burn out your eyes on these confounded digital devices! But hey, our moment in the sun is fleeting, so take advantage of every minute you have, one way or another! See ya’ …

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