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Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance right side view

For those who want a full suspension trike without the normal cash outlay Utah Trikes now offers their own new model … the Revolution Defiance FS. Starting at $2599 (SALE PRICE) plus $250 shipping. There are several options available many of which, of course, add to the price. It is all shown and explained on their website.

This trike is made of mild steel and weighs in at 48 pounds. One thing about mild steel … it’s repairable if it breaks. Also it is somewhat flexible which helps it not to break.

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance left side view

With 9 inches of ground clearance and a seat height of 17 inches the rider sits high meaning that this trike is a bit more limited in cornering speeds and handling because of the higher center of gravity. However, that probably isn’t much of a concern for many riders.

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance rear suspension

The back shock is a Torch DNM, while the front shocks are a custom spring design similar to that found on the HP Velotechnik Scorpion.

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance front suspension

It has a total of 24 speeds via a Sun single crankset up front and a Shimano Altus derailleur, 8-speed cassette and a Sturmey Archer CS-RF3 internal 3 speed hub in the rear. The three internal gears and eight sprockets give the Defiance a wide range of 19-100 gear inches.

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance rear hub area

Detailed Specifications:

Frame Material Steel
Trike Weight 48 lbs
Trike Weight 48 lbs
Total Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Wheelbase 45 in
Wheel Track 32 in
Total Length 79 in
Total Width 35 in
Total Assembled Height 34 in
Ground Clearance 9 in
Bottom Bracket Height 19.5 in
X-Seam Range 36 – 47
Steering Pivot Type Cartridge Bearing
Ackerman Steering Yes
Brake Steer Moderate
Self Centering Mild
Turning Radius 12 ft 8 in
Seat Height 17 in
Seat Width 15 in
Country of Origin USA

Utah Trikes FS Revolution Defiance steering

The buyer has a choice of 30 colors to choose from. That is a whole lot of choice.

It is good to see Utah Trikes getting more and more into making their own trikes. They have a nice fabrication shop area and do nice work.

Utah Trikes Custom Shop

So if you are looking for a fully suspended tadpole trike for a relatively low price you might want to consider this offering from the folks at Utah Trikes. Just FYI HERE is a link to meet the folks at Utah Trikes.

Utah Trikes buildings


Hartlander fat recumbent trike

Fat trikes rule! … off the road anyway. I had planned on creating another article about fat trikes, but upon looking at what Steve Greene has put together and provided on his Trike Asylum blog I figured ‘why bother?’ He has done such an excellent job and thorough presentation that I will just link to it instead. So check out his great article on FAT TRIKES. You might even want to participate in the poll he has there … as to which Fat Trike you would want.

Hartlander fat recumbent trike folded


Horizon all electric all terrain tadpole trike 2

One mean machine as they say. “Truly one of a kind. For the Horizon we blended an all terrain, full suspension chassis with the our industry leading electric drive system – but that’s just the beginning. By making it modular, adding in a host of adaptive features, and refining the design with real-world feedback from around the globe, we’ve created a trike that offers the freedom and thrill of all terrain cycling to an unprecedented range of physical abilities / disabilities.”

The trike is made in Fletcher, NC and comes with a 2 year limited warranty. It weighs 84 pounds and up … depending upon options/configuration ordered. It has an optional roll bar to keep the rider safe in unstable riding conditions. The starting price is $9995.00 USD and can increase dramatically depending on options … as much as$8050 additional according to website. Battery size options can be quite expensive … as much as $4500 additional.

This video was made for the kickstarter campaign (which has ended quite successfully) …

Modular adaptations for varying physical abilities – Handcycle Option, Foot Rest Option, Rising Seat Option, Tri-Pin Hand Control Option
Explore your world with fully adjustable front and rear air-shock suspension
Reliable American Made Drive-Train
3 Ways to Ride: Pedal only, Electric only, Pedal-Electric together
Fast Recharging – Spend more time riding and less time waiting
Electronic Pedal Shifting – Easy to use and ultra fast gear shifting

The motor powering the Horizon is a bit different from the other Outrider recumbent trikes like the 422 Alpha. This one uses a 2,000 watt geared hub motor capable of high torque output that makes starting from rest, even on steep inclines, possible.

Front Tires: Maxxis Maxx Daddy’s (20″, 20″)

Rear Tires: Maxxis Holy Roller (26″)

Wheels (Standard): Steel J-Bend

Wheels (Optional): Aluminum straight-pull (industry 9)

Shifter: SRAM X.0 Grip Shifter

Derailleur: SRAM X.7 9 Speed

Suspension: Independent A-Arm Front, Rear Shock

Motor: American Made Brushless 93% Efficient

Max Weight: Rider plus gear = 250

Battery Chemistry: Lithium Polymer

Battery Capacity: 1-4kW

Brakes: Dual Shimano Hydraulic 180 mm Disc Brakes

Frame: Chromolly / Aluminum

Charger: 900 Watt 110V Charger (220 Available upon request)

HERE is an article on this trike.  And HERE is their kickstarter website which, as I said, is over and was quite successful. And HERE is their website. And HERE is a review of the trike.

Horizon all electric all terrain tadpole trike

Horizon all electric all terrain tadpole trike 3

Here is a look at the front suspension.

Horizon all electric all terrain tadpole trike 4

And here is the rear suspension as well as the battery box and switch.

Horizon rear suspension

Hmmm, that looks like my trike often looks as far as the mud. And I rarely ride off road.

Well, it ain’t cheap, but it sure looks like it would “get ur dun” as far as off road riding goes. Of course, the main purpose of this trike is for those who have physical handicaps. With such a rig as this they too can …



Trident trikes have been around for a few years now. The company is based out of Lincolnton, North Carolina. The trikes themselves are made in Taiwan. The trikes are pretty well designed and have good quality components. The one thing that is particularly unique to Trident trikes is that they give you a lot for your money … as standard equipment at no extra charge. These include such things as a full fender set, a rear view mirror, a taillight, a rear rack, and a safety flag. On my Trike Prices page you will see both of these models listed with links to the website page for them. The Stowaway 1 sells for $1579 plus $125 shipping (total $1704). The Stowaway 2 sells for $1799 plus $125 shipping (total $1924). There is not much difference in the appearance between these two models since the difference in price between them is in what components they come with. The Stowaway 2 comes with “rat traps” on the pedals. I personally don’t care for them as they tend to mess up the shoes and can become uncomfortable. And I definitely would not recommend them as far as depending upon them to prevent “leg suck” and injuries resulting from such. I would recommend using either SPD pedals and shoes or “heel slings”.

Trident Stowaway 2

Here is what Trident has to say about the Stowaway models:

Introducing the Redesigned Stowaway Trikes Both offer an incredible component mix at a value price.

Both Stowaway models use our Powder Coated Aircraft Quality 4130 Cro-Moly Tig Welded Frame, as well as Avid Brakes/ Promax Levers with Parking Brake, Double Wall Alloy Rims with Kenda Kwest 100 psi Tires, and Ackerman Compensated Crossover Steering, but that is where the similarities end.

The Stowaway I is our Base Model. It uses a Microshift Front Derailleur and a Microshift Marvo LE Rear Derailleur. Shifting is done with Microshift Gripshifters. The Crankset is a Truvativ 52/42/30 Triple. The Brakes are Avid BB5 Mechanical Disc Brakes.

The Stowaway II is our High Spec Model. It uses a Microshift Front Derailleur and a Microshift Marvo XE CNC Machined Rear Derailleur. Shifting is done with Bar End Shifters. The Brakes are Avid BB7’s.The Crankset is a High End Forged Crankset with CNC Machined Rings, and an Integrated Bottom Bracket. The seat frame, handlebar and boom are Sandblasted and Anodized Aluminum Alloy. For all you Short Crank Afficianados, the Stowaway II will also be available with 160 mm Cranks for an additional $50. 152mm Crankarms are also available by request as well as “Z” steering bars for extremely short X Seams.

Our customers spoke and we have listened. The new features of the 2014 Stowaway 1 & 2 include our new Aluminum Seat . Many people have asked for a seat frame with a little less lumbar curve. 3 adjustable seating heights, and 4 adjustable seating angles are standard on the new seat frame.An optional adjustable neckrest is also now available on our accessories page. An improved Idler system that is as nice as anything on the market and a nicer Mirror. Stowaway 2 also has adjustable handlebars. New for 2015-: Schwalbe Marathon Racers 20 x 1.50 or Schwalbe Trykers will be standard on Stowaway 2 Models.

As with all Trident Trikes (except Spike)- we don’t charge you for the extras!! Also included with both models are a Rear Rack, a full set of 3 Fenders, a Safety Flag, a Mirror, and a Rear Light.

Stowaway Folding Trikes are shipped to you in 1 box it is 95% Assembled- . Lastly, you always have the option of picking up a fully assembled trike in Lincolnton, NC – about 30 miles NW of Charlotte, NC. However be aware if you choose this option, I will have to charge you 6.75% NC Sales Tax

The Stowaway 2 is now available in limited quantity in the Wasabi Green color!!

The Stowaway is Available in Carolina Blue
and Wolfpack Red


As you can see the biggest difference between the 1 & 2 models is the quality of components installed on them. For no more money then is involved between the two most definitely I would advise anyone to get the Stowaway 2. Just the fact that it comes with the Avid BB7 disc brakes and Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires instead of the Avid BB5s brakes and the Kenda Quest tires that come on the Stowaway 1 would be worth the price.

Trident Stowaway folded

As you can see the trikes come with indirect steering. Some people like and prefer indirect steering over direct steering while others prefer direct steering. And as you can see in order to fold the trike it is necessary to remove the seat. They offer an optional neckrest as well.

Trident Stowaway features

Here are a couple of videos about these models:


Trident Stowaway 1 Specs


Trident Stowaway 2 Specs


If the money you have available to purchase a trike is limited the Trident Trikes certainly are an option to consider. My understanding is that the company is great to deal with and do their best to take care of the customer. The trikes can be purchased by ordering them directly from Trident, buying them directly at the Trident headquarters in North Carolina, or buying them at one of their dealers located in the U.S. or in a few other nations (Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Malaysia, and Norway). BTW, if you happen to have a dealer near enough to you there could very well be an advantage of purchasing it thru them instead of ordering thru Trident. Many dealerships offer a free service on the trike after one year of ownership. Also since the dealer is involved they stand behind the product and make things easier to deal with if a problem were to develop with the trike.


cat's out of the bag


Letting the cat out of the bag means “to tell people secret information, often without intending to”. Obviously this isn’t really the case here with Catrike and their newest model of tadpole trike. They certainly intended for people to know about it. I just thought it made for a catchy title for this article.

I am sure many of us already know that Catrike finally came out with their 559 model. Still there just doesn’t seem to be a overabundance of information available about it. Maybe it is just too new. Oh the usual information is shown on Catrike’s 559 webpage. The specifications and description is available. I really don’t know what else one should expect at this point in time. Reviews? I can’t find much. So I will mostly just look to Catrike and here is what they say …

Introducing the innovative Catrike 5.5.9, a premium Grand Touring Catrike. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort.

Catrike 559 3

Here is a video which pretty much tells the story of this model:

Catrike 559 folded

Here is a video which shows how it folds:

Padded seat
Ergonomic adjustable seat back
Roller wheels for rolling when folded
Padded wrist rests
Rear Fender
Flag Mount & Flag
Mirrycle Rear View Mirror
Multi Purpose Clipless Pedals
Computer Sensor Mount
Brake Lever Velcro Strap for Parking
No Brake Steer
Self Centering
Ackerman Steering Compensation
Structural Front Boom
Quick-Release Indexing Boom Clamp
Aluminium Rod Ends
Low Friction PTFE Flared Chain Tube

MSRP $3,150

available in these colors

Catrike color chart 2015

At least the cat is out of the bag.  kitten coming out of paper bag

Here kitty kitty! (ain’t he cute?)

I would rather imagine that we will hear more about this model further along.



Trike S-4

all wheel drive trike 14

Ah yes, one of the earliest James Bond movies … From Russia With Love. I remember it well. As you can see I titled this posting after the movie title. This has nothing to do with movies nor James Bond, but it does have something to do with both Russian and tadpole trikes. And after all, that is what this blog is supposedly about. To cut to the point I am talking about a tadpole trike which is Russian. Unfortunately it is not in production at this time. A unique trike it is for you see it is ALL WHEEL DRIVE. As you can see on the side of the boom it is a Solovjov 3 x 3. They list it as “Trike S-4”.

Not only is it unique in that it has 3 wheel drive, but it can also be rear wheel drive or front wheel drive. The amazing thing about it all is that with all the extra parts involved it still only weighs a respectable 35.27 pounds according to their WEBSITE.

The trike features adjustable rear suspension. It is fitted with 3 Magura hydraulic drum brakes and the company says they plan on offering the option of hydraulic disc brakes. The boom does not adjust in and out so they have made the seat to slide back and forth on the frame to provide a little bit of variance in rider X-seam. I say a little bit because it is only 4.13 inches of travel. A telescoping boom offers much more adjustment than this so I would expect that both very short riders and very tall riders would have a problem as far as this matter of adjustment. Besides moving the seat forward and backwards on a frame is very undesirable as it effects the trike’s handling.

As to other specifications here are some details:

wheel width center to center is 29.5 inches, 7 inches of ground clearance, 67 inches overall length, 31.5 inches overall height, 8 foot 2 inches turning radius, three 20 inch 406 wheels, indirect steering, bar end shifters, aircraft aluminum frame, titanium drive shafts/bolts/etc., and the rear rack is made of stainless steel tubing.

The company says it warrants everything for 1-2 years. Here are photos of this trike. I think you will agree that it is intriguing.

all wheel drive trike 1

all wheel drive trike 13

all wheel drive trike 2

all wheel drive trike 3

all wheel drive trike 12

all wheel drive trike 5

all wheel drive trike 11

all wheel drive trike 4

all wheel drive trike 8

all wheel drive trike 7

all wheel drive trike 7 all wheel drive trike 6

all wheel drive trike 10

all wheel drive trike 9

Like ol’ Forest, that’s about all I have to say about that. I don’t know if there will ever be any of these trikes produced and sold. I reckon’ time will tell. Right now, it ain’t happening … with or without love. But it is from Russia. Let’s all try to …


FREE GIFT awaits you!



recently discovered this human powered vehicle thru a posting on Facebook. It looks quite interesting. It is pretty hard to imagine pedaling along at 100 mph. It is not in production or available to purchase at this point in time. Right now they are involved in a Kickstarter startup program trying to raise $75,000 in hopes they can go into production and sales. RAHT is an abbreviation for “recumbent automotive human transport.” Seat belts, air bag, roll bar, GPS terrain sensing … it’s got it all. There is room enough inside to haul bunches of stuff and much more safely than trying to transport it on a bicycle.

Raht racer hybrid bike car left side

“The RAHT RACER is a power biking vehicle that uses state of the art pedal-electric hybrid technology to amplify pedal power, enabling the rider’s legs to propel the vehicle up to highway speeds, giving the rider the feeling of super strength. The result is a breathtaking new, Iron Man-like, power-sport experience. Safer than a motorcycle, or bicycle on a busy street, the Raht has an integrated roll cage, reinforced carbon fiber body and automotive safety features like headlights, tail lights, seat belts & air bag.”

It has a 20-kWh electric motor located in the rear wheel hub and a 9.2-kWh li-ion battery pack which can be charged from a standard 110 volt wall outlet when not being ridden.

This machine has HIGH SPEED PEDAL AMPLIFICATION … the system senses the pedal torque of the rider and boosts/amplifies it. The vehicle responds with sports-car acceleration and speed. If I understand this correctly it is saying that the harder you pedal the faster you will accelerate.

“On board computer runs workout programs while driving and displays driver performance information including the power generated, range extension, calories burned, etc.”

Raht Racer exercise workout

One thing I haven’t read about is whether or not it has a heater and defogger/defroster. I don’t see any windshield wiper either.

Raht Racer front

Raht racer left side

Raht Racer high output pedal generator

Raht racer pedal area

Raht Racer specs

It has a range of about 50 miles if used on throttle only mode (no pedaling to charge battery pack). Even that is impressive compared to most electric motorized trikes.

“Raht racer is versatile – You never have to pedal if you don’t want to. Throttle can be used instead of pedaling.” They say that “Full-out, throttle mode will take the vehicle to a top speed of 100 mph (160 km/h).”  WOW as in WOW!!!  Well, moving right along (and that surely is) …

They have a Facebook page.  On their FB page they call it “RAHT Mobile”. 🙂 Do you suppose we might spot Eric VonZipper sitting inside one of these? After all he he the leader of the Rats, ya know.

Here is the GIZMAG ariticle on the Raht Racer.

And HERE is another article found online.

It has been said that life on planet earth has become a “rat race” for many of it’s inhabitants. Perhaps sitting inside one of these RAHT Racers pedaling away would help cope with life as we know it. Hey, if you are going to be caught up in a rat race you might as well be in a raht mobile.


4 trike models

Recently on Tadpole Riders Group on Facebook a new member who just joined posted a picture of his trike. I had never seen one like it before so I took a closer look. It is a Velomo and is made in Berlin, Germany. HERE is a link to their nice Facebook page.

reflective rear tire

As you can see they offer various models including tiller type steering, indirect steering, both hard and mesh seats, both high and low seat height and rear suspension .

florescent green

rear suspension

rear suspension closeup

01HT Pi-orange


jc70 gelb


Now you know as much about Velomo trikes as I do.


Many of us have heard of the Edge e2 folding trike which is reported to fold up to about 45 % of the folded size of the new Catrike Trail Folder. Well, Trident is coming out with a full size model called the Odyssey which is reported to fold up even smaller than the Edge e2. At this point in time there doesn’t seem to be much information available on it online which surprises me since what I have read states that it is supposed to be available this Fall. What little I found online is on HERE is a link to the article.

Trident Odyssey

Trident Odyssey Folded reduced

Trident Odyssey Folded rear view

I have not seen a price, weight, or much of anything in the way of information. If any of you have please share it so I can post it here. As you can see this trike has a hard shell seat, bar end shifters, Avid BB7 disc brakes, 18 inch wheels and it’s folded dimensions are 31 ½ x 20 ½” x 12 5/8” with wheels and seat on. That is really small! At first glance 18 inch wheels rather than 20 inch concern me as far as finding tires for it, but Schwalbe is reported to make a few of their popular tires (Marathon Racer, Marathon Plus, Kojaks AND Big Apples) in 18 inch. By the way, the Edge e2 has 16 inch tires. The BentRider article states that Trident plans on some changes from their prototype on the trike they end up manufacturing. I don’t know where things stand as far as production and availability but this looks interesting … especially for anyone who needs a trike that folds up small. One thing for sure … carrying a full size trike or two or three in a relative small car is something which would no doubt appeal to some folks (myself included).

I did hear from a man I know who test rode an Odyssey recently. He said that the steering was twitchy …  that is, it was overly sensitive to steering inputs when going straight ahead. He didn’t recommend it for that reason and said that only someone that absolutely has to have a trike which folds up quite small should consider the Odyssey. He further said that the Odyssey should be available soon. He is a trike dealer who sells Trident.

UPDATE: I just found out that Trident expects to have the Odyssey model available in late summer 2015. And they have made some changes from their prototype. I have no idea what the changes are.

With such trikes coming available it helps us to …



Note (added later after this article was written): It appears as though

this trike’s manufacture and marketing situation has come to an end

and at best is in limbo. The website has been taken down.

With the growing popularity of tadpole trikes comes new companies offering various products. One of them is Arctrike. They make a nice looking and sporty trike. The really great aspect of their trikes is that the trike is built as an electric motorized trike … not taking a tadpole trike and motorizing it. That means it is built heavier duty to hold up to the extra demands and stresses put on it. Arctrike is headquartered in London, Ontario (Canada).

Here is a statement found on their website:

“The Arctrike. Our promotional video, showing some of the attributes of one of the best designed, coolest looking, and baddest handling Electric Recumbent trikes on the market.”

They presently offer 3 models ranging in price from $5300 to $5700 to $6250. With each model the range of travel on a battery charge and top speed increase as does the price. All models are 7 speed. Hey, with a motor you don’t need 30 or whatever. All models have front suspension. For $6250 you can “fly” 75 kph (46.6 mph). Compare that to the 28 mph top speed of an $8000 German competitor which will go unnamed.

Arctrike left side

Arctrike right side

Arctrike battery panel

Arctrike front suspension

Arctrike 3 speed switch

Arctrike front suspension 2

Arctrike rear hub

Arctrike rear rack

From their Kickstarter webpage:


Length: 82 inches

Track: 34.5

Frame: Aluminum

Weight 93-99 lbs

Volts: 48 Phase 1/ 60 Phase 2/ 72 Phase 3

Brakes: BB7 for Phase 1 and 2 Hydraulic Phase 3

3 Speed switch: Phase 2 and Phase 3

Quick release seat: All models

Regenerative braking Optional on Phase 2 and Phase 3

A high powered headlight and taillight will come with the trike as will a headrest. Phase 3 model will come with a rear rack.

There is a 3 year warranty on the frame and frame components. There is a one year warranty on the batteries and motor. The quality of the frame and components as well as the electronics gives us the confidence to say that you probably would never need to use it!

The batteries are Lithium Ion. They are composed of Headway Cells. 3.3 volts and 15 amps per cell. They are top quality and are the latest in battery technology. The have a lifespan of proximately 2000 charges after which they are reduced to 80% capacity and then they will go another 1000 charges!!!. They can also be charged in a quick 2.5 hours from totally exhausted.

The rear motor is the famous Crystalyte HS3540 rear hub motor. This motor is used extensively by high end bikes such as the Stealth fighter and the Picycle. It is reliable and robust. We are using the non sensored version for ultimate reliability. Combined with the specially modified Lyen Controller it only requires a fraction of an inch of movement before the throttle kicks in.

Arctrike offers the following colors: purple, orange, red, yellow, green, white & black.

If you like watching videos HERE is a playlist of the YouTube videos the designer/builder has posted.

Who knows what will be coming out next in the tadpole trike industry. I reckon I will stick with pedalin’. I need the exercise. Besides, I would probably wrap myself around a tree piloting something like this. 🙂  I want to …


NOTE: The manufacturer has been providing additional information via comments so I highly recommend  that you read  the comments.


For those who have been waiting for the Catrike Trail Folder model to make its appearance your wait is over. It is out!

catrike trail folder right side rear view

catrike trail folder folded & standing up

catrike trail folder 4 pics

To the best of my knowledge and understanding it is identical to the standard Trail model with the exception of the hinged frame so that it folds. This feature adds $350 to the cost. The Catrike Trail Folder incorporates a couple of neat features which I applaud. I am talking about the  fact that the seat folds and doesn’t have to be removed in order to fold the trike. The other thing I really like is that the trike has small diameter wheels built onto the frame so that when folded the trike sits on these two small wheels as well as the stand which also helps handle and control the chain as the trike is folded. With this setup two things are accomplished. First the trike frame/seat is held up off of the ground. Secondly, the trike can easily be rolled around on these wheels eliminating the need to lift it and carry it.!trail/cc67

folding Catrike Trail 2

This model is listed for $2750 MSRP.

Here are some specifications from Catrike’s website:

Frame & Geometry

Folded Length

Folded Width

Folded Height

Total Length

Total Width

Total Height


43 in

32.5 in

22 in

73 in

32.5 in

25 in


1092 mm

826 mm

559 mm

1854 mm

826 mm

635 mm

Wheel Base

39 in

991 mm

Wheel Track

29 in

737 mm

Seat Angle

45/52 deg


37 lb

16.8 kg

Seat Height

9 in

229 mm

Seat Width

14 in

356 mm

BB Height

16 in

394 mm

Ground Clearance

3.25 in

102 mm

Total Height

25 in

635 mm

Height w/ Seat Folded

24.5 in

622 mm

Turning Circle

16.5 ft

5.25 m

Turning Radius

8.25 ft

2.6 m

Rider Weight Limit

275 lb

125 kg

Rider X-Seam Range

39/46 in

99/117 cm

*Weight with all standard components and accessories including pedals, padded seat, mirror, etc.

Standard Features

Padded seat

Ergonomic adjustable seat back

Roller wheels for rolling when folded

Padded wrist rests

Rear Fender

Flag Mount & Flag

Mirrycle Rear View Mirror

Multi Purpose Clipless Pedals

Computer Sensor Mount

Brake Lever Velcro Strap for Parking

No Brake Steer

Self Centering

Ackerman Steering Compensation

Structural Front Boom

Quick-Release Indexing Boom Clamp

Aluminium Rod Ends

Low Friction PTFE Flared Chain Tube


Avid BB7 Disc Brakes

Brake Levers

Avid Speed Dial 7 Brake Levers

Front Derailleur

Microshift Triple

Rear Derailleur

SRAM X-7 10 Speed


SRAM 500 TT Bar End Shifter


FSA Gossamer Pro Triple

Bottom Bracket

FSA Road MegaExo



Chain Guard

FSA Guard


SRAM 11/36 10 Speed


FSA 10 Speed


TerraCycle Alloy Cog ABEC 7


FSA Zero Stack

Front Tires

406 Schwalbe Marathon Racer

Rear Tire

406 Schwalbe Marathon Racer


FREE GIFT awaits you!


Trident trikes has come out with a model which appears to be aimed at competing with TerraTrike’s Rover and Rambler models. The Trident Spike comes in 3 different models … Spike 1, Spike 2 and ESpike. The Spike 1 model is just under $1000. The Spike 2 model is just under $1300. The ESpike sells for just under $2500 which is by far the lowest cost electric motor pedal assist trike I am aware of.

Here is what Trident says about their Spike models:

“Product Description

Spike is a no compromise Sub $1k Folding Trike. Don’t let the price fool you though- Spike is packed full of features that you won’t see in other brands at twice the price. Our customers spoke and we listened. Not everyone is ready to commit $3,000 to their first Trike, but everyone wants something nice and easily upgradeable.

Some notable features of Spike include Trident’s exclusive Aluminum Seat that adjusts for both height– 14 5/8 Inches (370mm) to 16 1/2 ” (420 mm) and angle (42-52 degrees), a Folding Chro- Moly Powder Coated Frame, an Anodized Aluminum Boom, Aluminum Seat Frame with Water Bottle Cage attachment bracket, Shimano 7 Speed Deraileur/Shifter, Mechanical Disc Brakes, a Safety Flag and Alloy pedals- all STANDARD.

For those who want a Spike with better performance and components, Trident offers the upgraded 24 Speed Spike 2.

Spike 2 upgrades include a Truvativ Triple Crankset, Microshift Front Derailleur, Microshift Marvo LE Rear Derailleur, an 8 Speed 11-32 Cassette, and finally Avid BB5 Disc Brakes- all for the unbelievable price of $1299.00!!!

E Spike is a modified 8 Speed Spike 1- It uses an integrated system by a Japanese company called Dapu. It ifeatures a 350W Geared Hub Motor, a special Cranket with sensors, a 36V 13 AH Rack Mounted Battery with built in light, and a Digital Display. With this system you can choose between throttle only or 6 different levels of pedal assist.The 36v 13AH battery is much larger than other manufacturers use and will give you a much longer range- about 30 miles electric only and up to 75 miles using pedal assist. This entire package only adds 18.5 Lbs to a Spike!

An accessory kit with a full set of 3 fenders and a sturdy rear rack is available for $148.00

A Deluxe Accrssory Kit which includes 3 Fenders , Rear Rack, Accessory Mount, Rear Light and Mirror is available for $179.00

A Spike 21 Speed Upgrade kit is also available which includes a Truvativ 52/42/30 Crankset with 165mm Crankarms, a 3 Speed Shimano Revoshifter, a Microshift Front Derailleur, Cable Housing, and a Cable Noodle to go through the boom , This kit sells for $209.00

All Spikes have Direct Steering. It is only available in Silver. Spikes come 95% assembled and adjusted. They are not “kits” like many other brands of Trikes. All you have to do is put the seat on and adjust the boom length (and in some cases adjust the chain length).

Standard Boom length on all Spikes gives you an X- Seam range of 36 1/4” – 43 3/8”
Long Booms are available at no charge (exchange for your standard boom) which will give you an X Seam Range of 36 1/4 – 47 1/4 “

Here is the Spike

Trident Spike

Here is the Spike folded

Trident Spike folded

As you can see the seat must be removed in order to fold the trike. Although this is something I would much prefer not to be necessary at least this seat appears to be easier to remove and reinstall than some other trikes I have seen. The Spike 2 trikes come with Avid BB5 disc brakes which is what I started out with on my Catrike Trail. I hated them as they would not stay adjusted and were a real pain to adjust. I upgraded to Avid BB7 brakes and most of my daily headaches I experienced with the BB5s went away. I would do the same with this trike if I bought one.

Trident will sell and ship their trikes directly to the customer for $125 shipping charge. There are some Trident dealers around. I talked to one dealer recently here in Indiana. He told me that he could order the trike in and have it direct shipped to the customer for the same price ($125 and no sales tax) or sell it to the customer in the store where sales tax would be charged. Either way there is an advantage to buying it from/thru the dealer as then they will provide service and warranty work. This particular dealer even offers lifetime free adjustments. I assume that for those who buy directly from Trident they would work with customers who need warranty work and arrange such thru their dealers whenever possible, but this complicates and delays things so it just makes sense to deal with the dealer to begin with. Mind you I don’t know what all the dealers offer. I am only stating what this one dealer told me. You would need to check the particular dealer nearest you as to their offerings and charges.

As the product description says Trident ships their trikes out 95% assembled so upon arrival all that is needed is to install the seat and adjust the boom length to fit the rider which, of course, may or may not involve modifying the chain length. This makes it very nice for the customer as many trikes arrive and require a lot of assembly before they can be ridden.

I assume the toe in adjustment is properly set at the factory, but I would suggest checking it anyway to be sure it is correct. It is just a good idea. I received my Catrike from the dealer after they set it up and the toe in was one inch off. My front tires lasted only 30 miles before becoming completely worn out.

Here is the ESpike

Trident ESpike

Trident ESpike electric desplay

The handlebars on the ESpike I find quite objectionable … awkward and ugly … a quite uncomfortable position to use. The trike looks fine otherwise, but those handlebars are ridiculous in my opinion. Among other things they put your hands right out in “harms way” as you ride along. I don’t know what the overall width between the handlebars is but it sure looks like they stick out far more than the wheel width. That’s crazy! This needs to be redesigned. I see no reason why they could not have handlebars that are further in and vertical vs. horizontal … handlebars which allow the arms to be down by one’s side instead of having to be held up and out like these do. The Spike 1 and 2 have normal handlebars like I am talking about.

With this trikes’s seat height and boom height one’s legs/feet are angled downhill instead of the more typical straight forward or slightly uphill angle found on most tadpole trikes.

Folding & UnFolding the Spike 1


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please note that I have edited this article to correct some things I had wrong which were pointed out by PonderosaCycles in comments they made

PoderosaCycles of Italy has launched their flagship Poderosa HP8 urban recumbent trike. It most definitely is different looking. There is no denying that. It kind of reminds me of some of the Italian shoes I have seen.

Italian shoes

Poderosa HP8 trike

I don’t know if the handlebars are adjustable or not, but in this picture it looks like the rider’s arms are stretched out full extension in order to reach and operate this trike. I would think that would be rather uncomfortable. Hopefully they do adjust as one’s arms are much more comfortable with the upper arm down at their side like is found on most tadpole trikes.

The overall width is reported to be 32.67 inches. The seat height is 18.5 inches making for good visibility but poor handling compared to a trike with a lower center of gravity. Some people prefer/need this feature as a low seat is too difficult for them to get in and out of.

The boom height is quite low in comparison to the seat height so when pedaling the legs are headed downward instead of out in front or even upward as most trikes are designed. These things might very well be attractive to some riders who for one reason or another have problems with the seat/boom position of most tadpole trikes.

Here are some of the specifications on this trike:
6.5 inches of ground clearance
24 inch wheels on the front and 28 inch wheel on the rear
frame is aircraft construction grade aluminium alloy, TIG-welded
BENGAL Mechanical Disc brakes on front and a V-brake on the rear
hardback aluminum seat
8 speed using an 8-speed Shimano Nexus rear hub.
comes with front and rear lights, mudguards
Black, White, Blue, Red, Orange
price is approximately $3047

Poderosa HP8 trike 2

Who knows? It may have people standing in line to buy it. But it sure is different! That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. 🙂


Outrider 422 Alpha Electric Trike Review. Electric Bike Review has an article about this motorized tadpole trike which you can read HERE. HP Velotechnik is not the only game in town when it comes to factory motorized tadpole trikes. This one is built on a KMX Venom frame and can go considerably faster than HP’s … like 40 mph. It has three modes to choose from which I will show below in the specifications. It is heavy at about 100 pounds.  It is very stable due to the fact that the battery and motor are positioned low and near the center.

As you can see in the images below it is a serious looking machine. That bottom bracket height is something else. If you don’t know what the term bottom bracket means I am talking about the end of the boom … the height of the pedals and crankset. It is really high up in the air off of the ground.

Outrider 422 Alpha Electric Trike right side Outrider 422 Alpha Electric Trike left side view


Top Speed: 40 mph
Range: 165 Miles / 111 Miles (with / without pedaling @ 20 mph)
Power: Three selectable modes: Assist (750 Watts), Economy (2100 Watts), Power (4200 Watts)

costs only 25 cents per 100 miles

Price: $11,995.00

Included Features
Crankset: Schlumpf High-Speed Drive 40T
Wheels: Industry 9 Premium Trike Wheels (Aluminum Straight-Pull Spoke)
Front Light: Cycle Lumenator (1000 Lumen LED)
Rear Light Arizona Whip (6 ft. Flashing LED Flagpole 2-Sided, Red/Yellow)
Rear Rack: Axiom Journey Heavy Duty
Pannier Bags: Axiom Randonnee Aero 40 (Waterproof)

Full 2-Year Limited Warranty
Free 6-Month Full Tuneup (we’ll reimburse your local recumbent shop if you’re not local)
Illustrated Owner’s Manual
American-made Motor and Drive System
Hand-built in the USA
Maintenence-Free Premium Brushless Motor

Technical Specifications

Max speed
40 mph

Three selectable settings: Low (750 Watts), Medium (2100 Watts), High (4200 Watts)

Charging time
2 hours to 90% Charge
2 hours and 45 minutes to 100% Charge
Charges on a standard 110V outlet

3-Phase Brushless DC
Twin Ceramic Ball Bearings
93% Efficient
Freewheeling for full-speed, drag-free coasting

2.1kWh (2131 watt-hours)
Voltage: 44.4 Volts Nominal
Chemistry: Lithium Polymer
Rated Life: 1000 cycles

Fully-sealed for all-weather riding conditions

Rear Shifter: SRAM X.0 Gripshift
Rear Derailleur: SRAM X.7
Rear Cassette: SRAM PG-950, 9 Speed
Brakes: 180mm Avid BB7 Mechanical Discs

Front Light: Cycle Lumenator (1000 Lumen LED)
Rear Light: Arizona Whip (6 Foot, 2-Sided, LED Flagpole, Red/Yellow)
Dual Mirrors
Diamond Cross-Hatch Reflective Tape

Computer functions
Battery Voltage
Instantaneous Speed
Instantaneous Motor Power
Amp-Hours Consumed
Miles Traveled
Watt-hours Consumed
Efficiency in Watt-hours per Mile
Average Speed
Maximum Speed
Trip Time
Lifetime Battery Cycles
Lifetime Energy Consumed
Lifetime Miles Traveled

Length: 73-78″ (depending on boom’s position)
-with boom removed: 61″
-with rear wheel and boom removed: 52″
Width: 32.5″
-with front wheels removed: 26.25″
Height: 26″
-with wheels removed and handlebars folded: 20″
Time to remove wheels and fold handlebars: 10 Minutes

99 lbs (44.9 kg)
Max suggested rider weight: 250 lbs

They also have trikes which are ADAPTIVE FOR DISABILITIES.       Here is a video where they explain some about this.

Speaking of speed (I wasn’t but I will) …


(Keep in mind that this is a modified version)

I must admit I am not understanding how they are going 65 mph when they show 40 mph as the top speed. Even at 40 mph I would probably just wrap it around a tree or telephone pole anyway. I reckon I will just stick with good ol’ pedal power and simply dream about stuff like this. How ’bout you? 85+ mph on a tadpole trike? Unbelievable! (It would probably give me heart failure!) Yeah, most definitely I am better off travelling only 8.5 mph. 🙂

HPVelotechnik Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec e-trike

Lately I have found myself being challenged by one of the two guys I usually ride with. He just recently purchased an HPVelotechnik Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec e-trike. So trying to keep up with him is not possible as there is no way to compete against an electric motor assist. He is out there ZOOMING RIGHT ALONG! The other day while out riding on a local trail a “roadie” came whizzing by doing about 20 mph passing him like he was in sitting still. He let him get quite a way ahead and then decided to give chase. It took awhile but he caught up with him. His trike is capable of doing about 28 mph with the electric motor assist. When he came up behind the roadie he said to him “I thought you roadies were supposed to be fast?” And then he went zipping around him and went way on up ahead of him. The roadie didn’t know what to think. Of course, the roadie didn’t know that the trike was motorized as unlike most electric motorized trikes it is very quiet even at speed. And my friend didn’t tell him any different. 🙂 He just let him think that a tadpole trike passed him up going considerably faster than he was riding. It was kind of funny.

This trike is mighty quiet but it certainly is not cheap. I mean we are talking $7500 to over $8500 (insane cost) depending upon what you select in the way of the battery option. It has a dual battery setup  available which doubles the range the trike is capable of. The motor draws its power from a 36 Volt Li-Mn rechargeable battery with a 530 Watt Hour capacity. The recuperation function involving the motor working as a generator when braking extends the range through energy recovery. It takes 4 hours to charge the battery from an electrical receptical outlet. The trike comes with a start assist function as standard, which propels the vehicle to a speed of up to about 3.75 mph at the push of a button. I am told that you can set the controls on a negative number (-1 to -3) and as you pedal it will charge the battery. I am also told that when doing this it is difficult pedaling and will wear you out if you try this for very long. On -1 pedaling is slightly more difficult and at this setting the battery is being charged the least. On -2 it is a little harder yet pedaling and the battery charging is increased. On -3 it becomes far more difficult and tiring to pedal while the battery gets maximum charging.


HPVelotechnik Scorpion FX26 e-trike 2

aluminum folding ramps with trike

As you can see the trike folds which is a good thing because it is quite large and won’t fit as easily inside some vehicles to haul it. In order to fold it it is necessary to remove the seat which is a bummer. Reattaching the seat is a bit challenging in my opinion. I have watched my friend do this and as far as I am concerned it is a real pain in the butt to do. I really like the trike designs which fold with the seat left in place. Evolve and Catrike offer this as does the Gekko model offered by HP Velotechnik. Also when the trike is folded and unfolded it seems to have a tendency to get caught/hung up on the handlebars. The mirror is in the way and has to be moved every time the trike is folded. I am not impressed with some aspects of the design engineering I see in this trike. The trike comes with a guard over the largest front sprocket (chain ring). On my friend’s trike this won’t stay tight and is constantly rotating around either falling down or backward right into the front derailleur. I think HP needs to redesign this mounting of this guard (perhaps copy the mounting method ICE uses on theirs).

The trike is full suspension … probably about as good as a trike suspension system comes as it works quite well.  It comes with a brake/tail light combination, headlight, front LED running light and an integrated computer. I need to qualify that about the lights. My friend’s trike came with these lights. I do not know for a fact that these lights come stock or are an option. The wiring going back to the taillight has plug in connectors which seem to come apart easily and can be difficult to connect back together.  On my friend’s trike we moved this wiring slightly upward following along the rear rack and secured it in place using plastic cable ties. Since then it hasn’t given any more trouble coming apart at the connectors.

The trike has hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels.  The front brakes operate off of the left brake lever and the rear brake operates off of the right brake lever. It also has indirect steering but, unlike most trikes with indirect steering, it turns amazingly sharp. It is a very long wheelbase so this adds to the amazement. It has a choice of seats … mesh or hard shell molded. It is 27 speeds which surprises me since nearly all of the industry has gone to 30 speeds. Weighing in at 72 pounds it isn’t something you would want to pedal around much without the motorized assistance. It is also a bit much to manually lift in and out of vehicle you haul it in, especially if you are doing it alone.

Additional technical data:
Seat height BodyLink seat 29 cm (11.42 inches)
Seat height ErgoMesh seat 32 cm (12.6  inches)
Seat angle 32–41° adjustable
Bracket height 40–45 cm (15.75 to 17.72 inches)
Track 78 cm (30.71 inches)
Width 83 cm (32.68 inches)
Frame: Aluminum 7005 T4/T6
Rider height approximately 1.62–2.00 m(5 foot 3 inches to 6 feet 6.72 inches)

One thing about this trike … it is so quiet that most people would never know it is motorized. And since it is basically pedal assist it isn’t obvious as far as watching someone ride it. For me, I think the real attraction to a trike like this is in the climbing hills department.

Regardless of what you ride …

Enjoy the Ride!