Are you among the foolish … I mean courageous souls who go out for an annual “bike ride” on New Year’s Day? If so, do you go on an organized ride where you live or just go with a friend or two or by yourself. Of course, depending upon where you live and what the weather is you may not be able to ride at that time of year. Certainly it can be bitter cold, or snowing, or raining, or very windy … or combination of any or all of these weather elements. Speaking of snow if there is much on the ground it might prevent you from being able to ride anywhere … especially on a tadpole trike … with the exception of a FAT trike that do better than a standard trike in winter conditions. Anyway, going for a New Year Day ride is fairly common and a tradition for several folks.

I mentioned organized rides. Here where I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana we have an annual ride which is quite popular. It is sponsored by the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Dept and cosponsored by a local bicycle club. This is the 23rd year for it. Registration and signing of liability waivers must be completed before the ride departs. Helmets are required to go on the organized ride. For the bicyclists there is a choice of either a 15 or a 25 mile ride and at the end there is a chili soup gathering for everyone. They also have some other goodies including hot dogs. It is free. As a part of the ride it always go thru Johnny Appleseed Park so that the cyclists can watch the idiots who participate in the annual ‘polar bear’ event where several people in bathing suits go out into the river dealing with the frigid water temperature as well as the winter air temperature. Some years they have to break thru the ice in order to go in the water. Watching this doesn’t really have much appeal to me so what few times I have participated in the New Year Day Ride I just kept riding the route they laid out. The route is mostly on city streets although it also incorporates riding on a bike trail for a ways. BTW, there is also a similar New Year Day Ride for motorcyclists here in Fort Wayne. They also go to Johnny Appleseed Park to stop and watch the polar bear event.

I have only gone the ride two or three times. I was the only tadpole trike rider among the bicyclists that participated. Most years the weather is just too nasty to venture out. I definitely won’t be going this year as it is bitter cold so far this winter.

If you go out for an annual New Year Day ride please tell us by leaving a comment. For all that do … do your best to …



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