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The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be. To be blunt, some of need help for one reason or another. Getting into  the seat of a tadpole trike can be challenging enough for some of us, but getting back up out of the seat can be even more challenging. I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? 🙂             Let’s just go with the bad news and get it out of the way.

“SKY HOOKS” don’t really exist. It is too bad as they would be extremely popular. My first introduction to the imaginary sky hooks was when I was in the Navy. Along with the “mail buoy watch”,  “relative bearing grease”, “batteries for the sound-powered phones”, “shore line stretcher“, “a long weight” and several other pranks the sky hooks were a fun thing to play on gullible newbies. Anyway, a sky hook is a device which has a hook on both ends or at least the top end and a closed strap on the bottom end. One end hooks up to someplace up in the sky and the other end is used to hoist or hold something up. If we had two sky hooks it would be the cat’s meow in helping us get up out of our trike seats.

All joking aside let’s get to the good news. There really are devices available to help us get in and out of our seats. Various trike manufacturers offer them for their trikes. Here are some examples:

my favorite is the one pictured below

HERE is what Utah Trikes sells.
HERE is what PowerOnCycling sells for Catrike. (I like these & they are lower cost than most others.)
HERE is TerraTrike’s VersaBars.
HERE is HP Velotechnik’s StandUpAid.
HERE is another product for Catrike:
And HERE is the same product for Catrike from another source.

In order to use these Catrike Stand Up Assist bars as illustrated the vertical handlebars would have to be moved much further forward than I would want them. I like my vertical handlebars out near the ends of the horizontal bars coming off of the steering heads. Moving them forward greatly changes the leverage and control feel.

My experience in attempting to pull back and down when trying to get up is that the trike wants to roll/move (slide) backwards and this makes for a serious problem in trying to use any of these sort of devices. Others have said that these work and they don’t have this problem, but I can’t see how it is possible based on my own personal experience.

My thinking of an ideal means of help in getting up out of the seat is to have the assist bars way up high above one’s head and forward a ways so you pull yourself up rather than having a bar down low where you push yourself up. Also pulling down from above would work much better as far as the trike staying in place and not rolling backwards. Such an overhead bar could be made to telescope in and out so that it isn’t always high in the air. It could telescope out and lock once extended upwards. Of course, it would have to be made pretty strong to be used like this. Hmm, maybe I’m still thinking about those sky hooks. I really think someone needs to get serious and invent the sky hook as it would make all this so simple and work so much better than any of these aids. 🙂 

So if you need help getting in and out of your seat you might want to look into one of these aids. They are all we have available for now. I wonder if there is any money in inventing a sky hook. Hey, Enjoy the Ride … and …