rear derailleur

Unfortunately it doesn’t work to just ride a trike and never do any preventative maintenance. Sooner or later problems will arise. Components require cleaning and lubrication or they will not perform properly and wear out prematurely. A rear derailleur is a rather amazing device which when everything is set up proper and in good condition will operate flawlessly. It can also give you fits when it isn’t up to snuff. It is important to keep it clean and properly lubricated. Here is a video on how to clean and lubricate the rear derailleur of a bike. In the process, it also demonstrates how to use products from Finish Line Technologies, Inc., including the Brush Set, Speed Clean Speed Degreaser, Teflon Dry Lube, and Extreme Fluoro Grease. The video consists of four parts, how to clean derailleur pulleys, how to brush off a derailleur, how to spray it down and dry it off, and how to apply lube to it.

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