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Performer trike models

Performer trikes have been around since 1999. Located in Taiwan they currently manufacture about 7 models according to their WEBSITE. Taiwan is known for bicycle manufacturing. Some of the well known trike manufacturers have their trike frames made in Taiwan. And HERE is a link to Performer’s Facebook page. The Performer website lists only one dealer here in the U.S.


Recumbent Bike Riders
1306 S. Atherton Street
State College, PA 16801 USA
Phone: 814-234-4636


There are a few other dealers in the U.S. however, they are not listed as dealers on Performer’s website because RBR is the sold U.S. distributor and any dealers in the U.S. get their trikes from RBR and not directly from Performer.

I am very confused by the websites I am looking at. The Performer website shows that the only trike they manufacture with a cro-moly frame is the JC70CM-FRP model, but they show other models as having cro-moly frames elsewhere on their website. Performer shows the following models as having an “alloy” frame: JC20AL-FRP, JC20AL-Mesh, JC70AL-FRP, JC70AL-Mesh, and the Trike-E. The word alloy doesn’t mean much to me. There are a whole lot of different alloys so just saying alloy is meaningless as far as I am concerned. It is only a notch above saying that the frames are made of metal. Cro-moly is an alloy. Even steel is an alloy. By definition an alloy is a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion. For example, brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. To add to the mess Performer shows more models available than the dealer’s website shows. I have always found this sort of thing when dealing with Taiwanese/Chinese companies and their websites. Somebody needs to get their act together. The more I try looking at these two websites the more confused I get. Quite honestly I don’t know if what I am showing here is accurate or not. Like I said, I find it confusing and frustrating. Somebody needs to get all this straightened out. I am going to try to list the trikes according to what I think I understand from Performer’s website. It ain’t easy folks! 🙂 And I sincerely apologize for anything I don’t have shown correctly as I really want to be fair and accurate. If Performer reads this or the dealer reads it and has anything to say to help and advise I welcome their communication. I will do my best to edit and get things right. To be fair to the dealer they are dealing with this same confusion so it is difficult to get things shown accurately and correctly.

Note: Since posting this article I have heard from Performer Trikes. They said that they have removed the one dealer from their website and they will change to word “alloy” to help clarify just what the frame is made of.

Note: Some of their models have 4 different versions which consist of different components such as shifters, derailleurs, sprockets, mesh seat vs. hard seat, etc. Some are 27 speed and some are 30 speed. Naturally the higher grade of components involved the price increases. I am not going to try to list and show them all here as there are just too many.

Performer trike e

Performer trike e … $1395

alloy frame


Performer trike x
Performer trike x FRP LX 27 speed … starting at $1650 (available in 4 different versions)

7005 aluminum frame

rear suspension

currently on sale on Amazon $1349 plus $175 shipping


Performer trike jc-20
Performer trike JC20 … $1795 (available in 4 different versions)

7005 aluminum alloy frame


Performer trike jc-70
Performer trike JC70 (30 speed)  … $1750 (available in 4 different versions)

cro-moly frame


Performer Recumbent Trike JC70AL-FRP X.9 30 speed

Performer Recumbent Trike JC70AL-FRP X.9 30 speed … $1949 on Ebay

7005 aluminum frame


Performer Trike-X FRP LX 27S
Performer Recumbent Trike-JC70 AL FRP LX 27 speed … $1555 on Ebay (available in 4 different versions)

7005 aluminum alloy frame


Performer trike JC70CM-FRP

Performer Recumbent Trike Acera JC70CM-FRP … $1325 on Ebay

cro-moly frame

Performer provides a 5 year warranty on their trikes. Performer currently offers these colors:

all color options

Ebay currently sells 3 models of Performer trikes:

Performer trikes on Ebay

Be aware that you must look carefully at the postings on Ebay as there are some people selling used Performer trikes priced as much as or even more than new ones.

Buyers should be aware of some trade offs when considering buying trikes such as these. With so few dealers around and parts coming from Taiwan one might have some complications and delays in receiving repair/replacement parts. In keeping the cost down there are some things commonly found on most trikes may not be found on these. One thing in particular that comes to mind is the rear derailleur hanger which normally is a separate part made of aluminum and designed to bend to help save the rear derailleur from damage. Cheaper bicycle frames and these trike frames do not have these. Instead the rear derailleur just bolts onto the frame and should the derailleur get forced to one side the frame gets bent instead of a replaceable part. The frame can even get broken off should this happen. And it is not uncommon for rear derailleurs to receive such forces. I have had it happen several times. All in all Performer makes a pretty decent trike for the money although the lower end ones have lesser quality components.

I have found some other online sources to purchase Performer trikes:

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