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Many of us have heard of the Edge e2 folding trike which is reported to fold up to about 45 % of the folded size of the new Catrike Trail Folder. Well, Trident is coming out with a full size model called the Odyssey which is reported to fold up even smaller than the Edge e2. At this point in time there doesn’t seem to be much information available on it online which surprises me since what I have read states that it is supposed to be available this Fall. What little I found online is on HERE is a link to the article.

Trident Odyssey

Trident Odyssey Folded reduced

Trident Odyssey Folded rear view

I have not seen a price, weight, or much of anything in the way of information. If any of you have please share it so I can post it here. As you can see this trike has a hard shell seat, bar end shifters, Avid BB7 disc brakes, 18 inch wheels and it’s folded dimensions are 31 ½ x 20 ½” x 12 5/8” with wheels and seat on. That is really small! At first glance 18 inch wheels rather than 20 inch concern me as far as finding tires for it, but Schwalbe is reported to make a few of their popular tires (Marathon Racer, Marathon Plus, Kojaks AND Big Apples) in 18 inch. By the way, the Edge e2 has 16 inch tires. The BentRider article states that Trident plans on some changes from their prototype on the trike they end up manufacturing. I don’t know where things stand as far as production and availability but this looks interesting … especially for anyone who needs a trike that folds up small. One thing for sure … carrying a full size trike or two or three in a relative small car is something which would no doubt appeal to some folks (myself included).

I did hear from a man I know who test rode an Odyssey recently. He said that the steering was twitchy …  that is, it was overly sensitive to steering inputs when going straight ahead. He didn’t recommend it for that reason and said that only someone that absolutely has to have a trike which folds up quite small should consider the Odyssey. He further said that the Odyssey should be available soon. He is a trike dealer who sells Trident.

UPDATE: I just found out that Trident expects to have the Odyssey model available in late summer 2015. And they have made some changes from their prototype. I have no idea what the changes are.

With such trikes coming available it helps us to …